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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 11, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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alternative. a pregnant woman strangled. the unborn child's father is accused. wbz learned he should have never been on the streets. mike? >> reporter: right now police are telling us that this man confessed to everything and authorities here were deep into the process of getting a warrant for his arrest that he violated several terms of his probation. we found because of the way the system works using snail male to communicate back and forth with the judge they couldn't move fast enough. betsy riggin's family spent the day cleaning out the apartment where they found her dead pregnant body underneath the bed. her dad was stunned to learn the man accused of strangling her the father of her unborn
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child an draw jackson should have been behind bars for violating his probation several times. >> you hear about people that escape through the cracks. you see it all the time on the news. >> reporter: friends say jackson met riggin while he was an inmate. in records wjz obtained demanded jackson go back to jail the week before the murder. the process is done through mail and can take weeks. >> it was misfiled. it went to another agent who was out of the office. >> he reported at 11:in our office the day of the murder. >> reporter: there was nothing that could have been done because the judge hadn't formally issued a formal
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warrant. >> a warrant says you can take the body. if we knew the judge had written instructions to prepare the document we couldn't put hands on him. >> reporter: now they are trying to figure out why jackson would want to kill her and their unborn baby. >> that could have been their 71st last argument. >> reporter: the head of probation say his agents were practive in working to get the warrant and he says right now his office is trying to work with the courts to try to get electronic filings of these documents. >> her funeral is scheduled for friday afternoon. for the first time tonight we are hearing from the family of george huguely, the man charged of killing virginia's yeardley love. marta murphy is the 22 year
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old's mother. she remembers yeardley love as a sweet woman with a limitless future. her son is charged with killing love. they had been in a relationship and she says they were close. murphy says though my pain is great it will never come close to the anguish felt by the love family. we are all trying to cope as best we can. the family says they will stand by him while legal process plays out. the baltimore sun reports that huguely allegedly assaulted a teammate last year after hearing that he kissed love. it has been raining lightly off and on most of the day and has tapered off. what about the rest of the
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night? >> in the ballpark it may be wet. we have showers in the region. we have seen some activity move from west to east. most of the heavier stuff in pennsylvania. out to the west some widely scattered showers, maybe a little bit of thunder. it is possible between now and 8:00 we may see a brief rumble of thunder. otherwise looking for warmer weather to replace the chilly air we had today. tomorrow afternoon there may be a popup thunderstorm across the region. many people living in oklahoma and kansas are assessing the damage and starting a massive cleanup tonight after a string of deadly tornadoes that killed at least five people. those numbers can go up once
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crews get into the most heavily damaged areas. >> i don't know what i'm supposed to do. i don't know where to go. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: she and other victims are picking through the rubble trying to salvage what they can. the national weather service says at least 10 tornadoes pounded through on monday. >> a half a dozen businesses were destroyed. >> reporter: in oklahoma at least five people were killed and dozens injured. officials say more may have died if not for the quick thinking at this truck stop. a powerful tornado ripped apart the building. >> the three of us were trapped in there praying that we don't die and that everybody else is safe. >> reporter: hail smashed windshields and brought down
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power lines. thousands are still without electricity and neighborhoods remain closed because of gas leaks and other residents. >> oklahoma's governor toured the most heavily damaged areas earlier today. you can check in for updates on the forecast anytime. just log on to hoar and more marylanders seem to approve of same sex marriage. adam may breaks down the numbers. >> reporter: same sex marriages are currently illegal in the state of maryland. this new poller show ---poll shows the law and maryland are at odds. a new poll shows growing
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support for legalizing the unions here in maryland. in 199751% opposed it and now it has dropped to 44% with the majority now in favor. >> this is a huge advancement here in the free state. lert state's largest gay group speaks out. >> it does well to advance our cause because folks realize that they are normal american citizens struggling with the same issues and fighting for the same kinds of causes. >> reporter: the washington post poll says the majority of marylanders recognize out of state same sex marriages. >> there are five states that recognize gay marriage. if a court were to look at that and say how should those be treated in maryland we would recognize those at marylanders.
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>> reporter: delegate led an unsuccessful attempt with the opposition now in the minority. in light of this poll maryland believes more lawmakers will come out in favor for same sex marriages. >> the poll also found that republicans opposition rose to 69%. another maryland soldier has lost his life in afghanistan. weijia jiang reports from fredrick. >> reporter: those close to cpl. kurt s. shea say he served
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years before he enlisted in the marines. cpl. kurt s. shea mother says he always knew what he want today do. >> when he was three he wanted to be an army man. >> reporter: influenced by his uncles and grandfather for shea's family it wasn't surprising when he committed to the military even before he started senior year. >> he wanted to be one of the few and prouds and the marines. >> reporter: he was deployed in november. >> mother's day around 9:00 at night the door bell rang. >> reporter: the message that every mother fears was delivered. >> they don't show up to tell you your son is fine. my heart was broken. >> reporter: it seems the entire town is broken. shea was active in the
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community. he led the fredrick wrestling team to the state championship and won many awards through the future farmers of america. >> i would love to call him my son. a lot of people would be proud to have a person like that as their son. >> reporter: the shea family is still working to finalize arrangements but they expect to hold a wake on monday with a funeral to follow on tuesday. >> this was shea's second tour of duty. he was stationed in japan before afghanistan. vice president joe biden's son is in the hospital now. >> beau biden suffered a mild stroke and is expected to
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recover. he was once expected to take his father's senate seat but decided to take his own path. >> the white house would not say when biden is expected to be released from the hospital. frustrated by years of the federal e. p. a. doing nothing toddling bay environmentalists went to court and sued. >> reporter: poor water quality makes for poor fishing. former state senator has watched it happen from his home. >> at that time we had as many as 60 oyster boats in that harbor. today there is not one left. >> reporter: it is what is pouring off the land that is killing the bay, from sewerage
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spills to storm water runoff killing things. >> it is overfertilized and overfed. >> reporter: environmentalists hold the e. p. a. responsible. last year they sued to enforce their own rules. >> they have been dragging their feet. >> this agreement is a game changer. >> reporter: the lawsuit has been settled out of court. >> it spells out what e. p. a. will do in detail. it has accountability. >> reporter: failure would mean penalties. >> e. p. a. will be there. we will be living up to these commitments. >> reporter: those who sued didn't get everything they wanted but they will fight to keep everything they did. >> this agreement is going to
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lead to pollution reduction and if it doesn't the bay foundation will be back in court. >> i think this is the first time that we really have a legal document that is enforceable. let's hope and pray that this is a beginning of something real, real good. >> today's settlement comes one day before the e. p. a. will unveil its plan to bring other federal agencies to the aid to help clean the bay. a troubling trend. >> it is called the academic steroid. college students are taking adderall without a prescription. doctors say it is dangerous to their health. >> i think it is a great opportunity for people to see beyond what they see on the field. ravens linebacker ray lewis is honored in baltimore city.
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eating right. baltimore takes a major step in making sure good food is easy to get. tracking showers around maryland. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the only place that you can find southwest fares on the internet is we're not on travelocity. the only place. what's the other one? we're not on expedia. what about orbitz? no! southwest isn't on orbitz. the only place! let me make this clear. the only place online to get southwest fares...! i know. we're only on one website. you want to fly all over. you don't want to browse all over. [ all ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] they are called food desserts. >> reporter: these deserts are neighborhoods with no grocery stores. today baltimore city took a huge step to solve the problem.
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fried food much easier to find for the majority of city residents than seeing this on store shelves. >> we have way too many places that sell fried food. we have a lot of unhealthy food. >> reporter: tarrant aims at gaining access to healthy food. >> it is no coincidence that people who are overweight live in communities with unhalty foods. >> reporter: the majority of stores are corner stores where healthy food is hard to find. >> the study found if the store does sell healthy food it is often more expensive. >> when you are limited to fast food and not fresh food it is
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easy to say that you like what you like because that is what is available. my job is to make sure we have more healthy options availability. >> reporter: those options include increasing farmer's markets in the city and increasing incentives for supermarkets to open up in the city. and the city also plans to expand its virtual supermarket program that delivers groceries to residents after they order them using computers at area libraries. >> the city also named a new food policy director, the first in the nation. a big honor for an icon. ray lewis is officially a part of the city tonight. >> reporter: he is considered one of the most dominant linebackers in nfl history.
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>> they are timing it perfectly. who else but the all pro ray lewis. >> reporter: ravens ray lewis is an all time sports great. >> he has bruised and confused quarterbacks, runningbacks and wide receivers with his strength and intelligence. >> reporter: he has become a city favorite on and off the field. today his family, friends and fans look on as the team leader is honored. >> i think that is why we named them the ravens for ray louis. >> i had dreams at a very young age. i had dreams and i knew that god was taking me somewhere. >> reporter: lewis started the 52 foundation that helps feed the hungry in east baltimore. now the very street where he hands out turkeys at
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thanksgiving will bear his name. >> 3, 2, 1 [applause] >> he treats people with respect. he honors his team and the people who work in the building. >> baltimore i can say many things but i want to say is i love you with every inch of my soul. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: ray's mom says the street naming couldn't have come at a better time. his 35th birthday is this saturday. >> lewis has been actively involved in the community since he arrived in 1996. football season starts in a couple of months. take a look at temps. it feels like football weather out there. 49. east southeast winds at 8. come back and look at some improvement ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. rain off and on. been kind of a contrariy day. >> very chilly and even snow flakes this morning. take a look at radar. we have shower activity moving across the region.
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right now in just the last few minutes across portions of fredrick county some heavier showers. a little batch across far western mountains, a little tiny thunder shower near hancock. one line that has developed. it is east of thur mont. some slightly heavier echoes. it is weakening. you might see a brief shower and perhaps a rumble of thunder across the central portions of the state over the next hour or two. beyond that there are still scattered stuff. take a look at temperatures around the region. we are at 49. it has been chilly all afternoon. oakland at 42. they were in the midupper 30s. around noon time they had snow flakes around 2000 feet.
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49 and chilly in ocean city. winds continue from the east. tomorrow the winds are going to start shifting around more to the south and southwest. that will bring in some warmer air. temperature really a little bit drier. i think we will see a popup shower tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. once that passes it looks like thursday partly cloudy skies and temperatures cooler. tomorrow we are going to get some warmer air maybe in the mid70s briefly before that front moves through the area. beyond that there is another system moving through the area sometime on friday with another risk of a scattered shower or thunderstorm. it is going to be warm by the end of the week. west winds 5 to 10 knots, small
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craft advisory. tonight some showers around. drizzle overnight. tomorrow much warmer. mid70s but a chance of some clouds remaining and perhaps a popup shower or thunder shower in a couple of spots maybe after 4:00 on your wednesday afternoon. still to come tonight trouble for the swamp master. see what happens when an 8-foot alligator gets a grip on a gator wrestler. a string of deadly metro crashes and harsh comments from maryland's governor. the lateest on what is being done to stop the leak. this is mark viviano at the ballpark. seat seat is in town. and the kentucky derby winner.
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an update when eyewitness ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we are now just a few
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seconds before 6:30. good evening. here are some stories people are talking about tonight. at least 4 million gallons of oil are now in the gulf of mexico and all attempts to stop the leak has failed but the effort to stop oil from reaching marshes continues. from louisiana with the lateest on the disaster. >> reporter: helicopters carry one ton sacks of sand into louisiana's fragile marshlands. >> it is hard to believe that there could actually be something as bad or worst than a hurricane that can come in here and mess things up all over again. >> reporter: boats are laying out more containment booms around grand isle. >> my summer is shot. they are going to cancel on me. >> reporter: british
6:31 pm
petroleum's next attempt to trapthen oil won't come until later this week when they will try to lower a smaller dome down 5,000 feet. for now the e. p. a. has okayed the use of chemical disbursements to break up the oil underneath the oil. business at the venice marina has ground to a halt. >> this reminds me of katrina when i was out here building this. you didn't see a soul. >> reporter: 30 to 40 fishing boats launch on a typical morning. these days it is just a couple of media charters out to look at the damage. >> and tonight the blame game begins over who is responsible for the oil spill. three companies that involved have been called to washington to testify before a congressional hearing. each of the three companies says another is to blame for
6:32 pm
what happened. investigators have not ruled on a definite cause for the explosion. governor martin o'malley is talking tough about metro. >> governor o'malley says metro has the worst safety record in the nation and must improve. this follows a string of accidents between two trains last june. the governor says metro needs to be more accountable. just last week a train operator used an emergency brake to stop a train fearing it was not getting too close to another train. >> a spokes woman for metro says the agency is focused on improving safety. police are looking for a suspect who held up a 711. take a look at the surveillance
6:33 pm
pictures of the suspect who appeared to have a shotgun. the suspect got away with money along with several packs of cigarettes. an alarming trend on college campuses that parents need to know about. mary joins us. >> reporter: more and more students taking prescription drugs illegally to boost their grades. wjz investigates why this so called smart drug can put your life in danger. >> you want to keep achieving. it wakes you up like coffee but way more intense. >> reporter: a university of maryland junior admits using a prescription drug illegally to boost his brain power. >> a lot of people feel pressured. >> reporter: the drug is adderall.
6:34 pm
wjz has learned it is being sold on the black market on college campuses across the country. >> some people sell it and some people give it to friends. >> reporter: it is estimated 1 out of every 4 college students is abusing the drug. people who want to cram for tests buy adderall from students who have prescriptions. >> reporter: this student hides his identity. >> took it and studied for 6 hours straight and learned the entire chapter in 6 hours. i took it again for the test the following day and i was fine. i got a b plus on the test. i didn't know anything 24 hours before. >> reporter: adderall is loaded with serious side effects including stroke, heart attack and sudden death. >> it is glorified speed. these are sold as performance enhancing drugs. >> reporter: it comes with warning with high abuse
6:35 pm
potential for those using it offlabel. >> you are abusing a substance. >> reporter: local psychologist says students are being wreckless. >> kids don't know what dose they are getting when they are handed these pills. >> if you have an undetected heart problem it increases your risk of sudden death. i am worried about these things. if i am buying it on campus i am buying whatever dose joe sold me. >> reporter: do you worry about the side effects of it? >> i haven't done it that many times. >> reporter: physicians warn of a dangerous mix that can prove fatal for those who use it just once. >> they will combine it and do coffee and no doze. if they decide just a little cocaine, there you are looking at a perfect sudden death scenario. >> reporter: and the penalties
6:36 pm
for possessing or selling adderall without a prescription in maryland is one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find tomorrow morning in the baltimore sun. wall street reacts to news of loves. and learn how to make black eyed susan. remember to look for the updated forecast. from fruits and vegetables teashops you will find it all downtown. more on baltimore's newest farmer's market. >> reporter: it is the start of the second year of the farmer's market sponsored by the university of maryland medical center. fresh fruit, vegetables and a whole lot more. >> it is very convenient. it was here all last year and i
6:37 pm
really enjoyed it. >> reporter: the crowds whether i can what they see. >> this is the first time i came down here and everything is beautiful and wonderful. >> reporter: 15 vendors now. >> people are learning that local food supports the local economy. the foods are prepared locally and grown locally. it is great for the maryland economy. >> reporter: it doesn't get anymore local than chime's city farms. >> the women is a group that helps women coming out of recovery and part of their ministry is to teach people where food comes from. >> reporter: you can pick up some munchies or delicious soups. the old style sauces are hotter in more ways than one. >> we won a competition with one of our sauces.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: and here they are celebrating a second year and going green on green street. >> we are incorporating more sustainable practices in the way we do operations and deliver care. this is one way to promote healthier foods for our staff and family. >> the university of maryland's farmer's market is open every tuesday through midnovember. still to come tonight homes swallowed when the ground gives way. thanks to that oil spill in louisiana the price of these shrimp and oysters are going up, way up. the story when we continue. ,,,,,,
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. great britain has a new
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prime minister today. conservative leader david cameron met this afternoon with the queen and became the country's next leader. the 43 year old is the youngest leader in nearly 200 years. a family of four goes missing after a sink hole swallowed up their home. rescuers say there is no sign of them tonight as the ground continues to shift. police evacuated several other houses in the area as a precaution. a veteran alligator trainer is attacked in front of a crowd in florida. the gator grabbed his arm and shook him around. ended up with 36 staples and 22 stitches. >> i basically stuck my arm in his mouth. it was just a mistake. i zigged when i should have
6:43 pm
zagged type of deal. when you jump on the back of the alligator you can't hesitate. you have about an eight of a second to make your decision. >> he said he hopes to be back on the job in 6 weeks. maryland is starting to feel the first effects of the massive oil spill. mike schuh reports seafood prices are headed up. >> reporter: just getting crabs is a victory but the price. the crabs took the first big jump. no word in this office. >> see you later. man wants his crabs. >> it is just supply and demand. >> reporter: the oil has closed some shrimp fishing areas and shipments of gulf
6:44 pm
crab has stopped. smaller maryland crabs are what they can get and all prices have jumped 20%. >> it is looking pretty bad right now. >> reporter: this crab is from the potomac because all the supply from the gulf is dried up. >> a few weeks ago my phone would blow up saying i need to sell crabs. >> reporter: it is going to be an expensive summer. how high is it going to go? >> the sky is the limit. it will get to a threshold where people will stop buying. >> as an example of how tight the gulf seafood market is one buyer said instead of trying to sell his catch the largest oyster middleman called up maryland to see if we had oysters to ship to him.
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here is salook at tonight's closing numbers on wall street. closing numbers on wall street. we'll be
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it is adorery spring evening across the region. first warning weather coverage. bob is updating the forecast and has a closer look on what to expect tomorrow. >> it is going to rain from time to time for a little while tonight. temps tomorrow we are going to warm up. in the morning some fog. chance of some scattered thunderstorm activity during the day or late afternoon tomorrow. cooler 62 on thursday. much warmer on friday and a chance of a late day thunderstorm. very nice weekend 73 on saturday and 75 here on sunday. thank you, bob. still to come it looks like a
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back to the ballpark where
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fans should not let the weather stop them. >> seattle is used to this. >> that is the case. it is dry at the moment. a little bit chilly. looks like we are going to have baseball as the oriole's play the first of eight straight at home. the mariners will be followed to town by cleveland and kansas city. that would look like a break in schedule. the o's are in last place. seattle comes here with a very good pitching staff and their starter tonight is left-hander cliff lee. seattle's primary struggle is scoring runs runs. david hernandez is the starter. >> we need to start a minds set of winning series, taking two- out of three and slowly trying to get ourselves back in it. we are going to start playing
6:53 pm
some more games here at home. we need to start with a mindset of let's start winning series and see where we are at in another 30 days. >> reporter: earlier ken griffey led a discussion with visitors from iraq. there has been growing speculation that his career can end soon. he is 40 years old. griffey says he is not ready to knit he is in the lineup tonight as seattle's designated hitter. in addition to baseball the kentucky derby supersaver will be arriving tomorrow. he finished out in front of 20 horses. other derby runners include looking at lucky, dublin and
6:54 pm
patty. todd fletcher trains supersaver. >> coming into the derby it appeared to be a very wide open group and i think it is still wide open. i wouldn't trade places at this point. he is so handy and to me he has a tactical edge because he is not relying on a trip from anyone else. >> reporter: supersaver to the victory. a major unveiling in charlotte, north carolina the grand opening of the nascar museum. among the luminaires on hand the king, richard petty. the sprint cup series runs in delaware this weekend. the lakers finished off a sweep
6:55 pm
of utah late last night. l.a. takes it 111-96. they advance to the western conference final to take on phoenix. boston and cleveland play tonight. t shirt night tonight at oriole's park. we will catch up with your highlights tonight at 11. >> it is going to be a little chilly. we'll be,,,,
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[announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at, and pamper your home with a quick home energy check-up. [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life. that's it for us tonight at 6. we are back at 11. i'm denise. don't go away. there >> couric: tonight, the gusher in the gulf. as the finger pointing begins over who's to blame, the oil moves ever closer to shore and b.p. comes up with a plan "b" to
6:59 pm
try to stop it. i'm katie couric. also tonight, disaster on the plains. deadly tornados rip through oklahoma and kansas, shattering homes and lives. >> i don't know where to go. i don't know what to do. >> couric: and opening their houses to children in need while their parents get back on their feet. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: congress demanded answers today about what could become the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. what it got was finger pointing as executives of three companies involved in the disaster blamed one another. three weeks ago an offshore rig in the gulf of mexico exploded killing 11 workers before sinking and causing the leak that continues to gush tonight. the slick is constantly


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